Wit’s End

28 Jan 2013 – aka G.I Executioner


Sat: a lovely dinner at IndoChine**** by the SIN River to get into the mood for this movie!


Screened at The Arts House, Wit’s End is the 1st made in SIN American movie – about an US journalist who gets mixed up with a stripper and secret agents. Acting is nothing much to write home about, thus unfair to rate according to todays productions. The 1969 SIN scenes in this flick are priceless, especially for one who can recognise many of the places!


Pleasant cool moonlight walk by the river with Sir Stamford Raffles, founder of SIN with his back to the skyscrapers and skyline! Comment from John in Russia when I asked why: He’s looking out for more land to reclaim and build on. LOL. Me: Oops, wrong place, this is not the fishing village I discovered in 1819, hahaha!


What a nice wait at the bus stop by Fullerton Hotel, with live entertainment light show from MBS. Top left corner is a real moon.



Sun: an early start to drop Ting & CH off to SIN 1st Green Corridor 10k Run. Way to go Ting & CH. Being a supporter of the Green Corridor, would like to see it used as a walking, running or cycling path. The small old stations can be renovated but keeping the old charming original facades and turn them into cafe like what was done to the VA Creeper Trail/USA.




Tkx to Les & Ivy  for yummy tapas lunch at Don Quijote at Dempsey****on a road lined with beautiful Caesalpinia pulcherrima/peacock flowers.


Ended this lovely Sun at Great World City grocery shopping at Cold Storage with the non-local guy making pizza who gave me permission to take this pix. Impressive!

Ideas  are like pizza dough, made to be tossed around – Anna  Quindlen

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