Pre-Thanksgiving Thoughts

21 Nov 2012 – Glad that I am NO turkey 🙂

Mon: nice to be back with the family and the Greatest Little Brother who loves his chocolate as much as his mom 🙂 After an uneventful 4hrs drive, arrived safe & sound to a yummy surprise, a box of Honolulu Cookie Co, best HI shortbread cookies. Thank you Lisa & Adriane for their thoughtfulness. Sorry to miss their wedding in Sep but will try to visit for one of their anniversaries!

Turkey Day is just around the corner and the wine selection has been fun at the winery. Bought the local wines from NC and 2012 Beaujolais Nouveau is finally on the shelves. Linn got 2 bottles, tried it and will be good with the turkey. We will be 13 around 2 tables for Thanksgiving feast. Looking forward to tasting everything!

Tue: a lazy day. Linn has a cleaning help and she is doing a good job. Did some last-minute grocery shopping. Took care of the kids who are as good as gold while the parents went out on a date night. Such a pleasure and precious time alone with my delightful grandchildren for an evening.

To May, Bjørn & Olai who will be greatly missed but am thankful of their beings and will look forward to when we meet again. Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone. Indeed am blessed and thankful to have y’all crossing paths in this life’s journey.

He who thanks but with the lips
Thanks but in part;
The full, the true Thanksgiving
Comes from the heart – J.A. Shedd

2 thoughts on “Pre-Thanksgiving Thoughts

  1. So good to see photos of May.Bjorn and Olai too. You are so fortunate to have such lovely grand children. Keep the photos coming. Love to all.

    • Hey Yun, Happy post Thanksgiving and I am avoiding the shops today. M&B do not like me posting their pix, so only the seldom celebration times to share with family & friends. Tkx for comment and yes am soooo blessed to have my lovely family.

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