A Cold & Clear Night

1 Nov 2012 – Bye-bye Oct

Exactly a year ago, same place & time:

Ending yet another sugar overdose Treat or Treat 2012 on a beautiful full moon night.

This year at the Avalon Halloween Driveway Party with everyone one older and with different Halloween costumes, except for John with his dinosaur outfit which kept him warm on this cold evening. Move over Tiger Mom, even Gator listens when this Grand Tiger Mom growls Trick or Treat 🙂 A fun night for the kids in this neighbourhood and the winds calm down after sunset to let the paper lanterns hang on the trees.

Appreciations to those who took the time to prepare and to host this get together.

Scientists are complaining that the new Dinosaur movie shows dinosaurs with lemurs, who didn’t evolve for another million years. They’re afraid the movie will give kids a mistaken impression. What about the fact that the dinosaurs are singing and dancing? – Jay Leno

Nov Bdays and special days: 

2 Happy Bday John KERNAN

8 Happy Bday Beverly LIN

11 Happy Bday Audrey MOH

13 Happy Bday LEUNG Yee Fun & Happy Diwali/Festival of Lights

19 Happy Bday Yulis ADAM TEO

22 Happy Thanksgiving

27 Happy Bday Daisy CHIA

29 Happy 6th Bday to my grandson John Whitham HALL

30 Happy Bday LAM Kwok Chai

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