Jeff to Africa

16 Oct 2012 – Linn to her morning coffee

Mon: Linn had her morning coffee with her girlfriends at Atlanta Bread Co while I managed to mail a little Halloween package to Olai.

Was working the rest of the day to get the Kool Kid Food picture books ready to take advantage of the 60% off at Snapfish.  Not good for the eyes staring on the laptop screen for hours, but Christmas presents are done for Linn & May! Still have another 7 presents to complete; will end up blind at this rate 🙁

Tue: Jeff left for Tanzania for 10 days, safe journeys to him. Flying Columbia-Atlanta-Amsterdam-Dar Es Salaam-Mbeya where he set up a Global Health Fellowship for USC’s Dept of Family Medicine over there. He will be going over to supervise/check up on his former resident. JohnW had a field trip at the zoo and Linn was with the class.

Trying to book tickets back to SIN via NYC for Dec. Frustrating with how to get the best deals searching online but looking forward to meeting up with grandniece Devon Yiher Lam-Tribbe, born 23 Jun and the youngest addition to the family tree for now!

Was feeling kind of tried until this pix appeared while working online. The ironies of life with all the sayings and teachings where one is supposed to have your feet firmly on the ground. LOL! This pix and quote managed to put a smile on today’s aging droopy eyes, that too shall pass and tomorrow will be a new day… 🙂

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