Blast from a Bygone Era

26 Mar 2012 – Play It Back

The Queen Elizabeth Walk/伊丽莎白女皇道 is a promenade located along the Esplanade and bordering the Esplanade Park. Built in 1943, the Esplanade Park is one of the oldest in Singapore.

1950s: my parents would take me here on the cooler evenings. Enjoying our satay and bobochacha (a popular local dessert make of coconut milk together with sweet potatoes, yam/taro and tapioca cubes) with an unobstructed sea view. Running around the fountain playing with the water and climbing the steps to The Cenotaph, thinking they must be the tallest steps… 🙂

Sun: today the unobstructed sea view is obstructed, but the memories linger and the documentary on the history of the Esplanade Park and a slide show (tkx to National Archives) do help to refresh those memories.

Satay, Eurasian food, drinks including Coke floats for sale to the audience.

Ethnic dances by Era Dance Theatre and Apsaras Arts & SIFAS Choral Group. The sky opened and poured buckets for a short time in between these dancers. Good time to take shelter under the bridge to view the slides. Cleared to a lovely cool evening.

The SIN Police Force Band (formally the 2nd Straits Settlement Band formed in 1925), in full ceremonial costume. Men in uniform is such a handsome sight! A little boy marching a chair to his parents is probably the favourite sight 🙂

Story telling time in Malay/Mokther, English/Kamini and Mdm LEE (amazing 70yrs lady) who told The Story of ChangE and the Origin for Mooncake Festival in Cantonese, translated by CHAN Wei Hun. Mdm LEE learnt from the famous Cantonese story-teller LEE Dai Soh. Chinese Theatre Circle with a Cantonese Chinese Opera/Wayang

PsalmiDeo Chorale, Jeremy Monteiro Big Band and young jitterbug/swing dancers to end the entertainment for this first Play It Back. Glad I had the chance to be part of it as who knows if there will be another and if so where life’s journey’s path may lead…

I hate to mention age, but I come from an era when we weren’t consumed by technology and television – Jimmy Buffett

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