Thanks, Hellos & Goodbyes

7 Mar 2012 – Worn-out Body & Mind!

Gratitude and special thanks to gracious Grace for her charming companion and for being there. Appreciations to HKG friends Harry, Henrietta & Francis, Jack, John C, Johnny, Lesley, Richard, Lok Man+his pal(cyclists on top of Tai Mo Shan), to people in Camper’s Corner(SIN), SMU Hiking group(SIN) and to all for their encouragement and support to make this hike a success. To Henry, hoping that he is feeling better as this hike was for him.

Woke up with stiff muscles and an empty mind. Another thru’ hike accomplished and a reminder that the body is not as it used to be even when the mind is willing. The odour of the hiking clothes was so bad that they had to be placed in an air-tight garbage bag under the bed. Sent them off to the laundry first thing in the morning warning them to wear face mask when opening! 7lbs of clothes+1 pair of shoes HK$42 is reasonable.

Tkx Harry for a lovely dim-sum lunch and till we meet again, who knows when or where.

In the meanwhile appreciations to him for introducing Section 2 Pak Tam Au to Long Ke of this trail last year,

2 Mar 2011/pix. Agree with Harry that this is the most beautiful section of the MacLehose now that the thru’ hike is completed.


Such coincidence, Peggy, Ian and Rachel are passing thru’ HKG from China on their way back to Perth/Aus while Ian continues to KL to give more medical talks. Tkx John C for a delicious Shanghai dinner. Uncle Vincent, Peggy’s father was the first to introduced the Shanghainese eel dish to us when we could still count our age with one digit 🙂

Tomorrow, time to ride the Tiger back to SIN and will start to put the thoughts and pix of this 5 days hike together!

Good friends are like stars…. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there – 

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  1. Tkx Henrietta and tkx for the lovely lunch at the CRC. Hope that our paths will cross again soon..

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