On the Doorsteps of 2011

30 Dec 2010 – On the 5th day of Christmas

On the 4th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me Four Calling Birds… Another social day with Peggy & Pat, introducing them to the second branch Food for Thought****8 Queen St. David, the chef and owner is his usual attentive and smiley self. Wishing him every success and my favourite pizza is@North Bridge Rd branch. Thanks Peggy for a lovely get-together lunch.

To my delight, also discovered that the sports store Campers Corner Outdoor Outfitters is now relocated from Stamford Rd to 51 Waterloo St where Chacos sandals can be bought. The pair on the feet has lasted for nearly 5yrs and it is time to look for a new pair. Hopefully their new stock will have what is in the mind…

On the 5th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me Five Gold Rings… A day of reflections and dinner@Pearl Bank with cousin David, Mica&Mun. Cousin heads back to HI via Thailand this Sunday.

23 Jan posting: Washington IRVING said that after a man passes 60, his mischief is mainly in his head, so thank goodness I am a woman/USA.

4 Feb posting: A tribute to Luciano PAVAROTTI.

12 Mar posting: Jack NEO’s affair exposed on the release of Being Human***

20 Apr posting: Taxi driver from SIN not HELL!

29 May posting: SIN & SEX…

7 Jun posting: Land of Smiles/Thailand.

14 Jul posting: SIN Garden Festival/SGF.

23 Aug posting: Wedding at Trollheimen/Norway+a month of travels from Spain to Norway.

18 Sep posting: Croatia + another month of traveling from Montenegro to UK.

26 Oct posting: In Memory of Auntie Elise in Vancouver/Canada+travels in SC & HI/USA and the recuse of the Chilean miners.

10 Nov posting: Visitors from Canada & Ireland+voices from the past/long-lost cousins.

17 Dec posting: Illusions & Delusions!

A million thanks to each & everyone for your wonderful beings by enriching this Life’s Journey and for crossing my path in 2010.

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