World Book of Happiness!

22 Dec 2010 – People & Places

Appreciations to people who have taken time to meet with me this busy holiday season, Aileen, AmyR, Sue, Eve&Andrew, Violet, Gel, Millie, SiongYin, Audreys, Hong Sze, Lucy (apologies no pix, too busy chatting!), Leonard, MeiPin, the tattoo-man (whoever he is, thank you for being there during a Sun walk thru’ Chinatown and the CBD district ), Pat & Simplicius.

This year’s Golden Horse Awards (Taiwan’s equivalent of the Oscars), The Fourth Portrait (第四張畫)***combines art-house sensibilities with straightforward family drama with a tinge of the supernatural. The plot is as such, after the death of his father, Xiang is sent to live with his prostitute mom and her abusive new husband, but finds little love at home. Things get slightly complicated when Xiang gets mixed up with a petty thief. The film depicts Xiang’s journey growing up and how he manages to face up to his own experiences with family and friends.

The World Book of Happiness published by PageOne. Flipped thru’ it and thought it to be quite interesting but can the relativity of happiness really be measured objectively??? Will wait for it to be in the library or if my patience runs out, might get it at the next outing to Vivo City! Written by 100 worldwide top positive psychology experts where 148 countries are ranked; 1st Denmark, 2nd Finland, 3rd Norway. SIN & HKG ranked 81st and China 125th. These rankings can be found in World Database of Happiness:

According to the dictionary, happiness is blessed, bliss, cheerful, chirpy, content, delight, ecstatic, enjoyment, exhilaration, exultant, gay, glad, gratified, intoxicated, jubilant, pleasure, joy, lively, merry, on cloud nine, overjoyed, peaceful, pleased, sunny, thrilled, tickled pink, up, satisfaction, serendipity (thanks Denise for the reminder of one of my favourite words), walking on air etc. We are all happy as we must have felt any of those words even for a second at some point, but then they are only words and words are all there are to blog with. Actions alway speak louder than words… don’t worry be HAPPY 🙂

But O, how bitter a thing it is to look into happiness through another man’s eyes – Shakespeare

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