17 Dec 2010 – Illusions & Delusions

With all the news of WikiLeaks and Nobel Peace Prize, one cannot but hear, read, discussed etc about the pros and cons, the controversies of ethics and morals. It is not easy to be objective in many situations, especially when we are living in such a complex world and unfortunately too many people have minimum sincere respect for the differences. We are all such creatures of habits and of conditioning without even realizing it, the illusions of the self and the delusions of freedom! Trying to keep life’s journeys as simple as possible but sometimes it is not so simple… another illusion and or delusion 🙂

Comment to Lucy’s (thanks to her who introduced me to blogging 3yrs ago) blog on the issues of WikiLeaks: http://singaporegirl.wordpress.com

Show me politics with no corruption or one single sincere politician and I will eat my words! And her reply:

Amy, u are too cynical! I think pple go into politics for all sorts of reasons, n power is one of them; tho more n more r getting to see that power is probably more lasting n enjoyable coming from wealth than politics.

Anne is a Norwegian young lady I met at the airport in SIN en route to Chiang Mai/Thailand in 2006. For some reason I said something to her in Norwegian when we were at the check-in counter line and managed to surprise her and her family then! During yesterday’s coffee, she told me that she and her husband Morten have been here for 8yrs but will move on to Sydney after the Christmas holidays. She will still keep her business and shop Scandic Wonders@Tanglin Mall, where candles and decorations made in Scandinavia can be found: http://www.scandicwonders.com and the only mall with a Christmas tree made or used CDs & DVDs (probably the only one!). Indeed an imaginative way for recycling! Best wishes and good luck to Anne & Morten in Sydney. Hopefully our paths will cross again either here in SIN or in Norway.

Mankind will never see an end of trouble until
Lovers of wisdom come to hold political power or
The holders of power become lovers of wisdom –
Plato, The Republic

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  1. Hi Amy: thanks for your kind puff re my blog! As fr my part in your blogging adventure, I merely showed u the program. The rest n the best are yours!

  2. Without you showing the program, I would not have known how to blog. So thanks for that.

    • Thanks for stopping. Hope that I will always have something to say, otherwise what is the point of writing and sharing?

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