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9 Dec 2010 – Ajahn Brahmavamso

Wed: paid respects to my parents at Mandai Crematorium/posting 27 Apr 2010, the mystery of the missing rose is no longer a mystery. Both roses are in place and let’s hope that they will remain so after the repainting job which is ongoing when I was there. Will check on that before I take off from SIN early next year!

Nearly 2hrs by bus with a change at Ang Mo Kio to another bus. Met with Siong Yin at AMK Hub for lunch and bought a new pot, always wanted one of these multi cooker with steamer. Can look forward to cooking my Cantonese clear soup and steam fish or whatever I feel like eating at the same time.

Thu: first heard of Ajahn Brahmavamso when I returned to SIN in 2000. An English monk with a degree in Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University and a monastery in Australia is not your usual monk. Very impressed with his talks as it is NOT about religion but more about attitudes and ways to live. Ajahn Brahm is one of the very few people I admire and respect! Will try to catch his talks whenever he and I are in SIN at the same time! Inspiring, sincere, logical, realistic talks with humour are easy to follow. His first book Opening the Door of your Heart*** was published in 2004 and now his new publication Simply this Moment. Looking forward to reading it.

Grant yourself a moment of peace and you will understand
How foolishly you have scurried
Learn to be silent and you will notice
You have talked too much
Be kind, and you will realize
Your judgement of others was too severe –
Chinese Proverb

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