Totilas the Simulator

6 Dec 2010 – Woods Equestrian

Made a vegetarian lunch for Sam & Orlando to celebrate my Christmas lights (the ones bought at IKEA when actually only planned to get a bracket!) and to celebrate the nearly completed spraying the seed-pots Christmas decorations. Sam is the daughter of WONG Hong Sze. Sam and Orlando met during their studies in London where he is originally from and they got married in SIN Feb 2009. Great to catch up with this delightful young couple who are starting their life together. Appreciations to them for wanting to spend time with me! Sam is an avid rider and has her own horse. Lagos. For more info:

They have recently set up a riding school where one can even ride on a mechanical simulated horse, Totilas, to experience the feeling before actually riding the real animal. It is a good idea, especially for those who are apprehensive. This way one can try to feel and see if one is comfortable so as not get nervous being on the real animal. Horses are very instinctive and sensitive, they immediately sense if the rider is nervous or not in control.

The very best of luck to them and to their new riding school. Looking forward to the opening of Woods Equestrian. Have never been on a mechanical horse, can then try to ride on Totilas even thought preempt that my preference is to ride on the real thing as riding out in the nature is fun. Now if that is not already mindset about the preempt… what is 🙂

We all talk to ourselves
A major key to success exists in what we say to ourselves
Which helps to shape our attitude and mindset
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4 thoughts on “Totilas the Simulator

  1. Amy,
    What a treat I missed! What would you have prepared for tea?
    Best Hong Sze

    • Hong… what would you like to eat? So let’s do a tea before the Christmas. Give me a date for next week.

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