8 Aug 2010 – Fireworks

How fortunate to be here for the fiesta in honour of Calpe’s patron saint La Virgen de las Nieves.

During this time the towns commercial activity virtually shuts down for the celebrations. Festivities begin at dawn with flutes and drums in the streets and include processions, bull-running, dancing in the streets, live music, sporting events and firework (my favourite) displays.

What a life! Walked Playa Arenal-Bol, De Calpe, De La Fosa, visiting the trendy shops and disco!

Thanks to Rita & Jürgen, Kitty & Dennis visited and what a treat to taste Rita’s yummy home-made paella with Sangria to drink and fresh fruit salad.

Breathtaking views from up the hills, 15mins walk from the house!

The view after 60 is breathtaking. What is lacking is someone, anyone of the older generation to whom you can turn when you want to satisfy your curiosity about some detail of the landscape of the past. There is no longer any older generation. You have become it, while your mind was mostly on other matters – Willian Maxwell

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