12 Jul 2010 – Viva Espana/2010 World Cup

5 Jul: village by the sea – Garry in action with sea salt bargaining, salted fish and street vendor

6 Jul: Pura Tanah Lot is 20km from Denpesar built in the 15th century from a rock formation. It is home of a pilgrimage temple, popular tourist, cultural icon for photography and general exoticism. At the base of the rocky island, poisonous sea snakes are believed to guard the temple from evil spirits and intruders. A giant snake purportedly protects the temple. Kept a distance from the snake!

En route to Ubud passing thru’ Celuk, Angel To Angel (art of silver craft) and Mas (wood carving and glass).

Ubud: The town was originally important as a source of medicinal herbs and plants; Ubud gets its name from the Balinese word ubad=medicine. It is now a centre of artistic pursuit. Puri Saren Agung/Royal Palace, Water Palace, was the palace of the kings of Ubud until the 1940s, and some royal descendants live there to this day. Dined at the Lotus Cafe***with the Water Palace view. An entertaining evening of Legong Dance at the Saren Agung/Ubud Palace by the Bian Remaja Troupe

7 Jul:  a relaxing day swimming and lazing around 🙂

8 Jul: a beautiful walk with Ruth by Labuhan Amuk beach, under a pier and thru’ paddy fields

Snorkeling with the fish & corals

Lunch@Warang Merta Sari***featured in the NY Times… Situated in the small village of Pesinggahan on Bali’s east coast, it is known island-wide for its sate lilit ikan, a minced fish satay.

Pura Goa Lawah, the Bat Cave Temple, is located along the coast of southeastern Bali just west of Candidasa. The center of the temple is built around a cave filled with thousands of bats.

Most visitors to Padang Bai are there to catch a boat to Lombok. It is though a charming little place in its own right and spending a night or two here with basic accommodations, aimed at the backpackers. There is good diving and snorkeling in the immediate area and is also a fairly convenient base from which to explore some of the wider attractions of East Bali.

Thank you to the locals in the village, especially Katu & family & Ruth from Australia. Appreciations to Garry who shared his piece of paradise and for all his hospitality. Without him, Bali would not be in my agenda!

If you would be known, and not know, vegetate in a village; if you would know, and not be known, live in a city – Charles Caleb

2 thoughts on “Bali/2

  1. Wow, no wonder u’ve been so quiet for a while! For someone making her 1st visit (I’m correct abt this?), u’ve certainly been shown the best. Everywhere u’ve been, I love, especially Candidasa.

    Now, u must return n go to north Bali to see the dolphins and Uluwatu for the Kecek dance against the setting sun. Simply magical!

    We must meet up for u to tell me more be4 you go to Espanol!.. Also to find out if your wonderful hosts, Gary n Ruth, accept guests for home-stay?

  2. Would have love to see N Bali but too little time… an excuse for another trip someday!

    Will b busy at the SGF at Suntec City from 15-22 July and then off to EU. Do drop by at Suntec.

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