Happy Birthday Ellie

14 Mar 2010 – 5 years ago…

I was preparing for my AT Thru-Hike and taking care of Katy while Linn was giving birth to Ellie… how amazing time fly by so quickly and so much has happened. Today will be just a couple of pictures from an Ellie’s first Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving with her family and family friends. Was trying to find a single picture of her but just have her with Katy. Linn will have pictures of just her alone.

Happy Bday to Amelia POWER who has moved from SIN to KL. Will miss her for the St Patrick’s Day Parade later.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ellie

  1. Sweet pictures! Sophie was just wearing those striped pj’s in Jacksonville this weekend.

  2. Great that Sophie, who will soon be 10 months can now fit into them. Like the new PJ you got for Ellie’s bday on my behalf. Thanks.

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