CBR Highlights/2

7 Dec 2009 – Addition to LAM-Heritage

Congratulations to cousin Yat-Soon YEO (son of 9th auntie LAM Poh Kue/1921-2000) & Helen VICKERY and welcome to their first daughter Merle YEO Tsing Kei born 30 Nov 2009 in London/UK.

Thu: War Memorial on beautiful grounds with a section about the invasion and surrender of the Japanese in SIN. An impressive & touching experience.

Fri: Yarralumia Nursery & Western Park. There were at least 10 kangaroos ( a mob ) taking refuge from the sun under whatever shade they could find. This is the first time I have seen so many out in the wild. Frightened by the closing of the car door, one by one, they hopped across the road resembling the yellow road-signs… cute!

Sat: Ivy flew back to SIN this morning. Afternoon siesta in the afternoon was the best way to have enough energy for the evening! Manuka is a charming & trendy district. According to Patricia&Albert, similar to SIN’s Holland Village. Dinner at Fuel*** kangaroo meat, interesting taste but good with a sweet salad dressing. Can imagine the gamely taste without the dressing.

Sun: 6am walk to Red Hill with Chocolate. The hot-air balloons floating in the blue sky made a perfect peaceful scene on my last day in CBR. Nice trail but rather exposed. Shared my bottle of H2O with Chocolate! Kiere is afraid of going on the hot-air balloon at present but hope that she will grow out of that fear. Very memorable experience with Linn&May on them when living in California. Would like to be in that basket once more before my time is out 🙂

Gundaroo about 35mins from CBR, a sleepy joint out of nowhere where we had pizza for lunch at Cork Cafe*** An old converted stable well hidden on Cork St, the main street. A bar, church, shop and hotel are located on this street. That’s it but more than Lyngseidet/Norway, where there was a gas station, grocery (bank & post office also in there) and medical clinic when I was living there in the late 1970s. The nearest town is Tromsø and it takes about 2/3hrs to drive there, ie if the roads are opened and if the car-ferry is operating !

A short distant away from Gundaroo is Old St Luke’s Studio, a church building and adjoining school master’s residence. The church yard dates back to 1845 but the cherry trees were planted recently. This is where internationally renowned ceramic artists Ian JONES & Moraig McKENNA display their pottery in the church, their home is the school master’s residence. To see the wood-fired ceramics: http://www.oldsaintlukesstudio.com.au

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