Greetings from Canberra/CBR

30 Nov 2009 –  Last day in Nov

CBR, Australia is actually the capital; looking forward to explore it tomorrow. Arrived Sat via Brisbane/BNE and believe it or not, had to pay A$5 for the train from BNE International Airport to the Domestic Airport (just 1 stop). Connected with QantasLink to CBR. Bought back memories from late 1980s when I worked in Orlando/Florida for Delta Commuter/ComAir.

But all worth it to see grand-niece Kiera CHUA at the airport. Patricia LAM & Albert CHUA now lives in CBR where he is SIN High Commissioner. Such an honour to be their guest. Ivy is also here visiting and had a wonderful weekend. Sat: dinner at and Italian restaurant Mezze Lire*** Sun: fantastic shopping at Old Bus Deport Markets set in an old industry building with a variety of hand-crafts & gourmet food and fresh produce. Lunch at Lambert Vineyards** poor service, food & wine so-so; but when in the good company of family, anything else are minor issues!

4 thoughts on “Greetings from Canberra/CBR

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  2. What a shame I didn’t know you were coming via Brisbane – would have popped out to the Airport to say hello.
    Yes, paying the $ to get from one terminal to another is “quaint”. 🙂
    hope your visit is fun.

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