Night Festival


12 Jul 2009 – National Museum of SIN

Managed to miss both years of the Night Festival. Last year was the first one and I was globetrotting. This time round, the energy has not reached the level to get out in the crowd and heat. Who knows if there will be another spectacular show in 2010? Will cross that bridge when it is in front of me 🙂

This trip has really taken its toll on me but of course age might be the culprit. Before departing USA, explained to Linn that if they decide on a 5th child, the energy will not be able to endure another challenge like this. And if any complications, who will take care of the children? The other reality is that the world is overcrowded and polluted. The diminishing of nature resources is not in balance with the increase of the population.


Pictures credit to NMS and Leonard Shoh who was there for both years and shot a few hundreds pictures.

He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough – Lao Tzu

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