Preparing for the Hike


Jan 2005

Returned to the US to help with Linn, my daughter’s birth to her second child. Once back there, I managed to surf many websites. Words from experienced hikers were taken into consideration and useful info were noted from books, DVDs and maps. After attending a 3 days session at Lees-McRae, Banner Elk, North Caroline and 2 days of practice hike in Virginia, I decided to hike with Warren Doyle’s 2005 Expedition #5.

A six months independent fullpack (weighing about 25% of my own weight) hike was NOT what I wanted. Warren Doyle’s logistics – a van support meeting at the trailheads with the gears, food & water enabled daypack hiking, higher mileage days thus over lesser days. Even then, there would be days with fullpack hiking as there are no access for vehicles in the national parks. My children were relieved as they feared that a search party would have been alerted if I decided on an independent hike.

Clothes, communication modes, documents, first-aid, food/beverages, gears, hygiene, mail-drops, stationary were the headers on my list.

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