Days 1-2-3 UKc2c

Here-There-Everywhere - This-That-Everything

30 Jul 2013 – Lake District-Cumbria

Saturday 29Jul 2013 – Day 1 St Bees – Ennerdale Bridge 14mi/22.6km 0730-1630hrs including breaks

St Bee’s Head – cliffs with seagulls and the companion of the Irish Sea for app 2hrs on this glorious day.
Other hikers on the cliffs, St Bees Lighthouse and the coastline of Scotland in view.
An old lonely bench on the UKc2c 🙂 Birkham’s Quarry and heading east away from the coast to the Lake District.
Passing the Church at the village Cleator and took a few extra steps deterring to  the Ennerdale Country house Hotel for a cup of coffee and to use the restroom.  Well worth the detour! Heading back to the path, met some locals who had more than enough beers and sun and who insisted that they should be photographed…
Gradual climb to Dent Hill, a cairn at the top with good view back toward…

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2 thoughts on “Days 1-2-3 UKc2c

  1. Hi Amy,

    Surely it will stop raining soon. The photos are super. You are a trooper.

    Love, Glenda

    Sent from my iPad

    • This posting somehow from one of my drafts dated 23 Jul is posted as the date, thus the having to reblog to get the dates in order. That is what happens when one gets away from the computer!!

      Hopefully the rains will not stop the hike but at least there are some moments of blue skies now and then for pix.

      The heat would be worse as the Lake District is rather exposed to the elements…

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