RIP LAM Poh Ying

30 Nov 2012 – 6th Auntie

Condolences to nephew Justin Chia and to his mom Letty

Sad news from Justin of the passing of his grandmother, my 6th auntie. Fond memories of this auntie who was a kind, generous and graceful lady. She was also closed to my mother and fond memories of them both are within.

Robert, her only son and my cousin had good childhood times together but unfortunately he had cancer and passed on over 10yrs ago. It must have been difficult for 6th aunt to outlived her son. May she now RIP.
‘Farewell to my grandma who passed away peacefully this afternoon at the ripe old age of 91. She has made an immeasurable difference to my life and will always be fondly remembered. May she rest in peace’ – Justin Chia
Having problems to download pix from a 2008 post when it was the last time we crossed paths. Cousin LAM Kah Yun was then in SIN to attend Kat & Greg’s wedding.
B/W pix from late 1940s: 2nd row sitting and 2nd from the left: 6th Auntie LAM Poh Ying with cousin Robert on her lap.
Apologies, unable to get these pix larger, have to figure that out when time permits.

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