9 Feb 2022: Or Gluttony???

Sun: 6thCNY-day, appreciations 18thUncleTL&Auntie+cousinSara for lunch (seafood soupS$12.50) in the Woodlands area,

a new territory for me to explore walking on well-maintained paved walkways on this cool lovely wet day between MarsilingMall and

CausewayPoint passing by this beautiful pefectly-shaped tree.

WoodsSquare – completely new to me, 1st time seeing&being in this building,

with trendy tipsy joints – hahaha. Today concludes the CNY-visits with the BlueGeneration.

Mon: 7thCNY-day人日JanJat=human day was the day human beings were created and viewed as the common birthday of all human beings. Happy Birthday to ALL on this nice cool day.

3Nov2021: Helen&I were caught in action by SG FoodBuzz 0:33, a video by Hawker Foods in Singapore 20mit8Spnsmago1145eh1d7 This stall allows you to customise your own version of chee cheong fun! CCF here is highly recommended – 0530hrs Bfast this morning before walking EC Pk.

Lunched with Clement@GoldenMileFoodCentre – MincedMeatNoodles/ShenBakmie, BabiTulangBuak Keluak/Charlie’s, TruffleFries&Coleslaw/Ashes. Being人日had to have a taste of one! TangYuan/75 AhBallingTangYuan. Does Gastronome defines a person who enjoys food for pleasure???

Ongoing action@TheVadaiShop where SPH was filming there – quite a bunch of crew+equipments and again like last week’s bus action, do not have a clue if this is for a commercial or movie??

Another nice cool walk with Clement (he is the only one in my SIN-family who enjoys exploring&walking like I do) in this area/pix downloaded – along RochorRiver-CrawfordSt/NBridgeRd-crossing MerdekaBridge-NicollHighwayWaterwaysWatchSociety a detour-round-about to bus-stop80211 opp NationalStadium. Memories from this bus-stop 10yrs ago – due to a few hiccups, the initial planned completion date of 2011 for the SIN SportsHub has come and gone. However, after construction finally got underway in 2011, the 35hectare sports complex is on track to open its doors in 2014 –

Tue: 8thCNY-day, another lovely cool wet day to enjoy while it last. Where CNYfoods are concerned, what I miss most is Jessic&Frank’s 28ingredients YueShang/生 with IkanParang/WolfHerring. Posted Mar2013 but worth reposting here again.


Preserved ingredients: 1.Vegetable  2.Cucumber 3.Red sweetened ginger  4.White sour ginger 5.Brown melon 6.White melon 7.Leeks. These 7 preserved ingredients can be bought at: Sin Hwa Foodstuff/Senoko South Rd/SIN

Dried candied ingredients: 8.Winter melon 9.Chinese mandarin orange.

Fresh ingredients thinly cut: 10. Two varieties of lettuce/iceberg&romaine 11.carrots 12.Large celery 13.Spring onions 14.Coriander, also known as cilantro, Chinese parsley 15.Red chillies, remove seeds 16.Fish IkanParang is Malay for WolfHerring/brandy for seasoning, optional.

Fried crisp ingredients: 17.Wonton skin 18.Pillow-shaped crispies/pok chui 19.rice vermicelli/mei fun


Sauces & Seasoning: 20.Five spice power 21.Ground white pepper 22.Thinly sliced fresh ginger 23.Light soya sauce 24.Calamansi juice 25.Finely cut scallions fried till crispy 26.Sesame oil and oils from the deep-fried scallions 27.White sesame seeds 28.Pounded roasted peanuts.


Tossing and mixing this salad with auspicious phrases and sayings – beyond any doubt for me, this is my favourite YueShang/生 and CNY-dish.

Wed: 9thCNY-day, tkx to HS for an excellent 8-course-dinner at TangYunCantoneseRestaurant in TanglinClub where it was such pleasure for the mouth and pleasant to the ears to hear good Cantonese spoken by the chef&servers.

Hamachi/YellowTailYueShang, AbaloneSoup, SteamedSoonHock,

BraisedChicken, SauteedScallop, StewedPorkTrotter,

GlutinousRice, NianGao&TangYuan – details of dishes in the menu.

Abundance of the best CNY-food to start the Year of the Tiger with old&new friends where a good time was had by all, leaving with happy-full-bellies. Appreciations to Wil for the ride back to the EastSide on this lovely wet evening.

Gastronome or Gluttony?? Gastronome when savouring and enjoying every bite, but Gluttony when eating well past the point where hunger is satisfied – we all need to be aware and to be honest with ourselves to find the balance in our world of overindulgence!

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