Hawthorn Berries 山楂ShanZha

19 Nov 2021 – Chin Min Chin

Tue: booked for HighTea session on the Orient Express for Dec, a Christmas gift to myself to look forward to. Will also try to book to see the exhibition another day as this will end 5Jan2022, and since unable to be on the real Orient Express, this will be an early Bday gift to start the 72year life journey until hopefully I am able to cross off this item (from Istanbul-Paris on this train) someday on my bucket list. Pix downloaded.


Wed: early morning walk and somehow the Hokkien/Singlish term – Kiao-Kar came to mind when I saw this cat, but had to confirm with Leonard to be sure that it is correct. Kiao-Kar means to lift/kick leg, and refers to someone can afford to take it easy in life due to achieving some form of stability, such as a retiree! Such an eloquent expression for this most approciate pix!

Alice asked the Cheshire Cat – ‘What road do I take’?
The cat asked, ‘Where do you want to go’?
‘I don’t know’, Alice answered.
‘Then’, said the cat, ‘it really doesn’t matter, does it’?  
Lewis Carroll – Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

Great Bfast company with Helen@MTmarket (edited 7Feb2022: caught in action here 00:33queueing by SG FoodBuzz a video to the playlist Hawker Foods in Singapore 20mit8Spnsmago1145eh1d7 This stall allows you to customise your own version of chee cheong fun!

Lunch with Gel@KatongShoppingCentre, pleased to find chocolate tarts@DonaManisCakeShop. Hoping to get some for dessert for the Thanksgiving dinner next week. This location makes limited variety of pies&tarts but what they make are excellent and for me returning, someone who is so particular on baked goods, that says alot abou t this cake-shop!


Today’s flavour was BlackSesame@TheHumbleScoop and do remember in Aug when I tasted their ORH HAW/HawthornBerry, nice&refreshing.

Managed to pick up some fresh HawthronBerries山楂ShanZha@PP-Fairprice to make juice. Have now finally tried this berry raw in its natural form, (~the size of a SIN-10c with at least 4+seeds) juice, Haw-flakes-candy (too sweet), and ice-cream is one of my favourite way to eat this berry. Tried blending them in a blender and then mixing with natural yogurt and that too is good&healthy.


Thu: hello on this lovely wet&rainy morning in SIN, nothing in comparision with what is happening in parts of BC/Canada areas. Family&friends in the affected areas – plx stay&be safe.


I play fictitious characters often solving fictitious problems. I believe mankind has looked at climate change in the same way, as if it were a fiction – Leonardo DiCaprio

Fri: TGIF – Bfast@ChinMinChin, was in the line~15mins and since I had to wait for Clement, decided to stay, but not worth the waiting time if I was not meeting him! With this new refurnished look, the old charm is no longer, but it is pleasant sitting outside with all the fans on when it is not too hot yet!


SGH follow-up appt for the afternoon and good to be over with hospital appt for this year – no appt in Dec, next appt in Jan 2022 for another CTscan.

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    • Good Sunday morning to you from SIN! And yes, since the pandemic, C-19 has given the time to explore&try other foods, crafts, etc…

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