Tan Kah Kee 陳嘉庚 Foundation

14 Apr 2019  – Happy 70Bday To Peggy Tan

Fri: a good weekend to all and I thought that yesterday was a busy day. Started today with celebrating Peggy’s 70Bday – tkx to Aileen&Jeremy for delicious lunch@Tavern/TanglinClub – been a while since I last met up with PT’s god-sis&her son.

ChickenRice À la TanglinClub!, Crème brûlée & a cappuccino for me.

Appreciations for an interesting visit to the Tan Kah Kee 陳嘉庚 Foundation /TKKF – PT’s grandfather.

A nice cozy set-up located@Ee Hoe Hean Club in Chinatown.


Really! has it been 10yrs ago I visited the TTK Museum, Xiamen/XMN 厦门 in China? Glad to have this blog posting to re-fresh the memory.


Five Feet Apart – Stella is every bit a 17yrs, attached to her laptop and loves her BFF. But unlike most teenagers, she is in a hospital as a cystic fibrosis patient. Her life is full of routines, boundaries and self-control until she meets Will’s who is against his ongoing medical treatment. Stella gradually inspires Will to live life to the fullest.

Read this some where, but do not remember where, when or who wrote it and that is not unusual for me nowadays 🙂

At some point, you have to realize that some ppl can stay in your heart but not in your life…

Sat: Katong Square Lifestyle & Vintage Market April Edition – no harm to browse and look around. Have no intentions to buy and did not buy.

Great to catch up with Martin to introduce him for a bowl of KatongLaksa, nice to hear that he has adapted well after 6months stay and that he is expecting his parents to visit from Germany today.

Sun: this morning I had the pleasure to have coffee with AudreyW who has the most well-behaved&disciplined dog/Choya, (besides Johnny’s LokLok, may he RIP) I have so far met. She would sit quietly where she is supposed to without bothering&disturbing anyone until her owner returns after shopping.

Am soo impressed that I even offered to dog-sit for this lucky dog who lives with this view. Anyone who knows me also know that I very seldom offer to baby or dog-sit!!

SIN public housing/HDB and its surroundings here in Marine Terrace&Crescent – for my overseas friends who might not be aware that 80+% of SIN live in public-housing, including myself.

The local&wet-market in my neighbourhood where I do enjoy eating&shopping at.

How coincident to meet Choya today. Got me looking back at a posting a year ago to realize that LokLok went to Dog-Heaven exactly a year ago. RIP LokLok, the only dog I know of who had better table-manners than many humans, the best behaved-dog I liked being with in HKG – pix fr 2011-15.

Tkx for Sunday’s home-cook dinner@Jo’s

Was at this world’s most dangerous airport, Lukla/Nepal 2yrs ago with Calvin, Sam&Lum and discovered last year that the only runway with the number 24 is something to do with the angel for aviation – https://amylamsg.com/2017/04/23/nepal2/ 

Condolences, prayers&thoughts to those involved in the crash today.


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