Pat Sin Leng Country Park 八仙嶺郊野公園

3 Apr 2011 – A Lovely Sunday

Started bright and early from CausewayBayMTR to TaiPoMarket 大埔墟 connecting on the green minibus to TaiMeiTuk 大美督.

PatSinLeng is a mountain range in the northeast NewTerritories of HKG, located within the PatSinLeng CountryPark. The name Pat Sin Leng literally means Mountains of the Eight Immortals, who are famous xian (immortals or fairies) in Chinese Mythology and symbolizes the eight peaks along this mountain range, each named after a different Immortal. Started on this trail but since we had app 4hrs, it would not be enough time to do the 8 peaks, instead headed to

Bride’sPoolNatureTrail 新娘潭自然教育徑 (1km) is located on the NW side of the PloverCoverReservoir, near the mouth of the Bride’sPoolStream. Legend has it that a bride passed by this treacherous part on her way to the wedding. In bad weather, the wedding sedan chair fell into the pool and she was washed down the waterfall. In memories of this ill-fated bride who got drown there, the pool was named Bride’sPool, but did not quite figure out where the pool is??

ChiuKengTam=MirrorPool 照鏡潭 locates at a higher place was named because people saw the spirit of the drowned bride appeared at the pool and used calm water as mirror to comb her hair.

Ended the nature hike with all the dragonflies lovers@WuKauTang烏蛟騰 and headed for the road, hiking app 30mins to the bus. Not a fan of back tracking but this quiet road is pleasant enough. Thank you Jack LEONG for taking the time to hike in the NE New Territories with this grandmother 🙂

Deep in the sun-searched growths the dragonfly
Hangs like a blue thread loosened from the sky – Dante G Rossetti

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