13 Feb 2010 – Chinese New Year/CNY happenings

Yusheng , yuisang or yuusahng/鱼生 is a raw fish dish usually consisting of strips of raw fish, mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, among other ingredients. Yusheng literally means raw fish but since fish/鱼 is commonly conflated with its homophone abundance/余, Yúshēng/鱼生, interpreted as a homophone for Yúshēng/余升 meaning an increase in abundance. Thus yuisang, considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor; this delicious dish of Lo Hei/撈起 is a MUST for SIN CNY. The salad is mixed by tossing all the ingredients as high as possible, without spilling too much (a large plate is recommended) and at the same time words of good health, luck etc are voiced clear and loud.

Being without my immediate family in SIN, invitations from my siblings’ reunion dinners were extended to me. This year it was a coincident that they were on different days. Started on Wed at Jo & family as PatLynn & family had to drive to Klang/Malaysia to David‘s mom for their reunion dinner there. Last night Fri was at Steven & family and got news and grand-nephew Stanley will be swimming at the SIN Sports School’s competitions next month. Looking forward to cheering him on. Tonight, Sat at Les & family- Kat & Greg are back from NYC for the CNY celebrations. She told me that the last time she was in this part of the world for the CNY was 12 years ago.  For Greg, it will be a new experience. Thank you all for including me and as always my appreciation to my whole family.

Valentine’s Day*** Big names acting as intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine’s Day. Perhaps the movie has something in common with the holiday’s ever-present candy hearts that entertain with silly messages. They’re cute to have around and will give you a quick sugar rush, but in the end, they’re just empty calories, unlike the reunion dinners 🙂

The origins of Valentine’s Day- see 14 Feb 2009/Happy Heart’s Day. 2010 first day of CNY and Valentine’s Day fall on the same day, tomorrow 14 Feb. This happened in 1953 and the next time around will be 2048. So twice in my lifetime is good enough! 2010, the Gregorian calendar so far has been the best, Jan with family & friends in the USA, friend from HKG and more new learning experiences. 2010 Lunar calendar, year of the Tiger can now roar its way into my heart who is wishing each and every one of you-

A Happy Valentine’s Day and  A Healthy & Prosperous Year of the Tiger

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    • They surely do, especially me as I take any occasion to celebrate. Remember that as long as one is healthy, life is a celebration.

    • Now I understand why my grandfather had 3 wives & 18 children. And my mother had 7 children! It is fun when people get along 🙂

      Hope that your CNY is also a festive one.

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